MMI Corporation

MMI means Man Machine Interface.
We are the interface between Human and computer.

There was some Japanese computer magazine serialized [useless computer system], but MMI Corporation make [usable computer system].
MMI Corporation will construct with the responsibility to provide you with a computer system which meets your needs.
For this reason MMI Corporation invest time in [system proposal].
When just having established MMI Corporation, we were constructing the banking system.
Later, we specialized on open system development, general accounting, management accounting, fixed asset, cost management, budget management,
accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, bill printing system, lease system, fund management, foreign exchange, sale management, stock management, order management, construction management, process management, salary management, nursing care related management system, human resources management system, branch office management system…
We have good experience in whatever is company business related.
Instead of seeing each system as a different system, we combine all of this each different system when developing a system.
In addition, we have experience in specialized field as computer telephony (CTI System), group management, personal information management, in school related we have experience from admission recruitment management, admission management, mark management, attendance management, dropped out student, graduate student management etc.
MMI Corporation does not just develop what you request as system, but propose to his client, company how the system should be.
Furthermore we work from system consulting, design, construction, introduce, to maintenance.
For these reasons we are different those so called consulting company and
also different form simple development company.
There is no profit for the client to have a single system as the above-mentioned ones.
For instance order management system is related to stock management and sale
management, sale management itself is related to accounts receivable which
are related to general finance system.
If it is not a combine system, there will be the intervention of human hand that will be a troublesome.
MMI Corporation will continue to work from the proposal of system construction, to the introduce.


532-0011 JAPAN
Athens-Shin-Osaka 9F

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