Personal Information Protection Policy

As a company engaged in contracted software development and the sale of products on our website, we recognize it as our social responsibility to properly manage and protect personal information. We have established the following personal information protec tion policy, which all officers and employees understand and will adhere to.

  1. Definitions
    Our company defines personally identifiable information as personal information.
  2. Management Structure
    To manage personal information, we appoint a Personal Information Protection Manager and establish the necessary organizational structure.
    We also appoint complaint and consultation contacts and a Personal Information Protection Auditor to strive for manag ement transparency.
  3. Purpose of Information Collection, Scope of Use, and Deletion/Correction
    When our company collects personal information, we will clearly define the purpose of collection, method of use, and contact for consultation, and collect personal information only within the necessary scope. Use of personal information will be limited to the scope agreed upon at the time of collection, and we will not use it for any other purposes. Furthermore, in cases where personal information changes due to address changes, etc., or if there is a request for deletion of personal information, we will co rrect, update, or delete the provided personal information within a reasonable scope.
  4. Disclosure of Personal Information
    Without the consent of the information provider, our company will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties.
    In cases where personal information processing tasks are outsourced to third parties, we will ensure through contracts that the re is no leakage or re provision of personal information and will conduct strict management. However, exceptions are made in cases required by law or when it is necessary to protect
  5. Security Measures
    We implement stringent security measures for personal information and strive to prevent leakage, loss, or damage.
    We will also continuously improve these prevention measures.
  6. Compliance with Laws and Continuous Improvement of Management System
    In carrying out operations involving personal information, our company will comply with laws, national guidelines, and other norms related to the handling of personal information, including the "Personal Information Protection Management System Requireme nts (JISQ15001:2017)" and industry guidelines. We will pay close attention to the handling of personal information according to the matters defined in our internal regulations.
    Additionally, we will strive for continuous improvement of our personal informa tion protection management system based on regular audit reports.
  7. About Safety Management Measures
    In handling personal information, we implement organizational safety management measures, human safety management measures, physical safety management measures, and technical safety management measures.
    (1)Organizational Safety Management Measures
    We will establish a management system, organize internal regulations, arrange operation procedures, and build an organizational management system for continuous improvement.
    (2)Human Safety Management Measures
    We will make all our employees aware of the importance of personal information protection, conclude confidentiality agreements, provide appropriate training regularly, and carry out necessary audits and supervision.
    (3)Physical Safety Management Measures
    We will manage entry and exit of rooms handling personal information and store documents containing personal information in designated locations under lock and key.
    (4)Technical Safety Management Measures
    We implement access management to personal data, including access control, identification, and authentication.
    Security software is installed, and operating systems are updated to the latest version to maintain a secure state.


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